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  目前公司的主要产品有:鼎文触摸查询一体机系列(包括CRT系列、LCD系列)、鼎文触摸系统配件系列(包括触摸屏系列、触摸显示器系列、专业查询机柜系列)、鼎文触摸查询软件系列(包括各类触摸查询应用软件系列)、鼎文KTV点歌系列(VOD点歌台、VOD点歌软件)鼎文自助终端设备系列(医院检验报告自助打印系统、通讯行业话费自助打印系统等)、鼎文柜式指纹考勤系统、鼎文智能排队叫号系统、 LED(室内/室外/半户外)单色、双色、全彩显示屏。公司以上两大类产品都是提高窗口行业服务水平、树立良好的单位形象、展示现代化城市风采的最理想的高科技手段。

That the ChengDu city DingWen technology Co., Ltd. is that the hardware system designs , studies the enterprises applying high and new technology getting rich , giving birth to a child , selling be softer than being engaged in a computer long ago in the homeland. The long range is devoted self''''s mind to what touch charge the product and LED for demonstrating a product developing exploitation, The company relies on experience in 10 , good properties of products , intimate after-sale service, already moves in the industrial automation , the government , finance , bond , insurance , telecommunication, Unicom , industry and commerce , taxation affairs , hospital , aviation , station , real estate , tour , movie and TV , museum , exhibition hall , library , guesthouse fields such as hotel , place of recreation accept consistent favourable comment of consumer. Become southwest area industry pioneer thereby. The company owns the first-rate KIOSK designer and LED engineer for the customer provides professionalization service , has ceaseless rise of design idea , Bring forth sth. new from the old , feasible international product in the lead mass.
Company''''s main products has at present: Touch inquiry an integral whole machine, Touch a screen, Touch a display, Inquire about a software, The fingerprint checks on work attendance systematically, Intelligence lines up to call number systematically, Led display screen.
The company takes that the consumer is satisfied as purpose , the stability , advanced with the product are prop up, product and service providing extensive consumer with safety , high-effect , high grade.
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